About Us

Welcome to Thong Somboon Club, A large Fun Adventure park that's incredibly popular. Located In the middle of the most beutiful Thai countryside with mountain peaks rising in ther distance, just near Khao yai National Park-Nakhon Ratchasima.

Thong Somboon Club offer safe, fun and adventure Activities for adults and kide alike. If you're looking for a fun day out for yourself, yourfriends or your family. With our staffs advice you can ride ATV vehicles, take a ski lift, drive the luge, roll down a hill inside a plastic ball filled with water or lying on a huge inner tube, and much more.

Thong Somboon Club has a Wild West theme for Accomodation with covered wagons, cowboy Suite and Indian Teepees.

Coming from Bangkok, where the pollution is a daily menace, it was wonderful to step off and breath crisp, fresh air while taking in the beauty of the unspoiled Thai countryside. It's also only about two and a half hours out of Bangkok, so ti's not too far.

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